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General Information

About Flinders University of South Australia
Flinders University enjoys a well-justified reputation for its excellence in teaching and research. It has a long-standing commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for all and a proud record of community engagement.

Since being established in 1966, Flinders has achieved much of which they can be very proud—in innovative research, in high quality teaching and in community engagement.

For further information on Flinders University visit their website

About the National Institute of Labour Studies
The National Institute for Labour Studies (NILS) specialises in research and consulting in the fields of work and labour markets. We are renowned for combining rigorous analysis with a continuing concern for the wellbeing of people as workers, and our research is regularly used as a key resource by governments, business and interest groups.

For further information on NLS visit their website. 

About the Economic Society of Australia 
The Economic Society of Australia (The Society) is a federation of stated-based groups with approximately 1,400 members. It is united by a Central Council which is currently comprised of twelve individuals, specifically;

- seven state presidents;
- two national editors; and,
- a three-member executive team.

It is the explicit purpose of the Society to promote the use of economics within Australia.

For further information about the ESA visit their website.