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ACE 2016 Program

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The ACE 2016 program will include: 

4 keynote speakers  
4 Special sessions

The 30th anniversary of Paul Keating’s “Banana Republic” speech 

26 parallel sessions showcasing the latest economic research from Australia.
Areas include:
-Agriculture and Wine Economics 
-Behaviour and Experimental Economics 
-Development Economics
-Econometric Theory 
-Education Economics 
-Energy and Environmental Economics 
-Financial Economics
-Health Economics
-Industrial Organisation
-International Economics
-Labour Economics
-Macroeconomic Theory
-Microeconomic Theory
-Public Economics
-Regulatory Economics and Social Investment

Panel sessions, with an emphasis on current policy questions which include 
‘Does the Australian economic modelling industry need a 'code of conduct'?’ and
‘Is the  industrial relations system a brake on Australia’s economic performance?’.

Two other panel sessions focusing on the topics of ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme’ and ‘Higher education’. 

Young Economists debate

Special event to support leadership skills for women in economics.